Varmam :

The Tamil Word “Varmam” means “Science of force of the life-energy”. The Word “Varmam” was derived from the Tamil letter “Va” (t), which means “¼”.  In Tamil, when we pronounce “¼” – is “kaal”.  The secreat meanings of “kaal” is “vali”  (tsp) and “vazhi” (top)

  • So, the letter “Va” (t), means “life-energy in the channel”.  In a normal condition this life-energy (vaasi) needs a “force” to move or flow (charam) it in the channel.
  • This force is called “Vanmai” or “Physiological force”.
  • This force regulates the normal flow of life-energy in the channel and keep the body in a healthy condition.

Varma Physician Treating patient with Varmam

  • Suppose, if any external or internal factor disturb this normal force, it may convert into abnormal force, called “Vanmam” or “Pathological force” and this force disturb or obstruct the normal-regular flow of the life-energy in the channel, as a result the body get ill-health or diseased condition.
  • Some selective physical manipulation which is known as “Varmam” or “Therapeutical force” leads to convert the pathological force into physiological force and the patient get recuperation.
  • After the recuperation, the patient needs a “Vaasi Eattam” or “Rajuvenative force” that leads to perfect healthfull or strengthfull condition.
  • When a human get a fatal injury, suddenly the normal physiological force convert into “kaalam” or “fatal force” and get instant death or serious condition.

  • Eventhough the five types of above said forces among life-energy flow are called by its own nomenclature, generally, all these forces are called in the name of “Varmam”.
  • These Varma forces are activated by very important 108 vital body points called “Varma Points”.


Origin of Varma Medical Science:

  • The Varma is more than 7,000 year old system of medicine, that originated in Lemurian continent alias Kumari Kandam (50,000 BC – 16,000 BC).
  • So we can say that “Varma” is a pioneer of all healing systems.
  • The Kumari-land is known as “Kanyakumari” and it is the mother land of varma, situated the southern most part of the Indian peninsula.
  • The knowledge of varma medical science originates in Tamil language which is one of the most ancient living-language in the world.
  • So varma medicine is the most ancient Indian system of medicine  (7000 BC) old.
  • With time, this oral tradition was transcribed on palm-leaf manuscripts and later, it was practiced by the Tamil scholars.  Thus, the Tamil scholars got the Varma medical knowledge from their ancestral roots in the prehistorial Lemurian continent popularly known as Kumari Kandam.
  • It has been traditional therapy of Tamilians who used it not only as a therapy but also as an art of self-defence.
  • Before man began to use herbal, chemical and animal things as remedy, he found out that they could use his own fingers as remedy and it was called Hand-remedy, which is now popularly known as “Varma medicine”.

Varmam Points:

  1. Varma Points are the points  (sites / centers / stations) to controle the life-energy flow and they absorb the energy from one or more organs or varma point(s) and pump it to other one or more organs or varma point(s) systematically.
  2. On the other hand, it is a station in which energy is stored and conducted through channel – network.  So the job of the varma point is to enhance the force, that regulate the flow of the life-energy through the channels.

• 8000 Varma Points.
• 828 Important Varma Points.
• 108 Very Important Varma Points.

enta-actives of Varma Points :
Varma Points consist of five different actions as stated below :
1. Varma Points – save life (Physiological aspect).
2. Varma Points – cause disease (Pathological aspect).
3. Varma Points – cure disease (Therapeutic aspect).
4. Varma Points – give longivity (Preventive aspect).
5. Varma Points – cause death (Traumatic aspect).