Varma methods:

Varma Physical Therapy, which is generally known as the varmam therapy.
It includes

  1.  Varma Relieving Methods
  2. Varma Massage Methods
  3. Varma Pressure Methods
  4. Varma Touch Methods
  5. Varma Blowing Methods
  6. Varma breathing &Yogic methods


Varma Relieving Methods:

  • The patient is made to lie down and holding both his feet together, the therapist should pat on the sole with his foot.

  • Then pressure should be applied on the head with hands and the body should be gently shaken.
  • If unconsciousness persists, Juice of flower of Leuces aspera as nasal drops) is given.

Varma Breathing & Relieving Methods:

  • Vaasi Yogam is a Life Energy healing system and it is a holistic practice that activates the body’s subtle energy systems to remove blocks.

  • By breaking through these energetic blocks, the body’s inherent ability to heal itself is stimulated.

Varma Touch Methods:

  • Touch Method means varmam created by touching the varma places.  Further, these varmam can be created by pressing and manipulating on the varma places.
  • These varma also can be caused by the hand of enemies.  These varmam can made through pressing, massaging piercing pointedly,tapping, lifting,attacking, and pushing.

  • Thodu varma places are the junctions of muscles, nerves, veins, capillaries, arteries and bones.  According to varma kuru nadi,  touch methods have the characteristics of nerve.
  • Each Nadis  touches, eight varma places.  This also may be the reason these varma places are called as “Thodu Varmam” .

Varma Blowing Methods:

  • Varmam points which stimulated by tapping / blows
  • Decisive Vital points in 8 places in the chest and abdomen area that are used by the master. These are kept confidential until the master pass on the knowledge to the selected disciple.
  • They are eight in numbers. These points are mainly used in therapeutic aspect only. The points are situated in the Puratharai 8.
  • If these points are injured It will mainly affect the kalai ottam. That will cause dyspnoea. The pitham will increase if the point injured.

Varma Massage Methods:

  •  The Thadaval or Massage on the varma place is called as varma massage.
  • Though it is acute or chronic, the diseases can be treated. The basic techniques are slide by thumbing, palming, wresting, footing and Icneeling.
  • There are also different kinds of techniques used based on thadaval.
  • They are pressing, lifting, sliding, grasping, stroking, beating, shaking, twisting, whirling, gliding, pulling, pushing, clinching, stretching and circling.

  • For organs, massage techniques are kneading, circling, jerking, pressing, punching, pinching, twisting, pulling or dragging, pushing or remission, stretching or extending, beating, chopping, cutting, rubbing, friction, snaking, streaming, knuckling, tong wing, crabbing, crawling, elbowing, kneeling, heeling, palming, wresting, arming, footing or soling, clapping, lifting locking clap, clinching, whirling, vibrating, tapping, spotting, stroking, alternating, squeezing and gliding.
  • If there are any infections, epidemic symptoms like AIDS, hepatitis, cellulites, skin diseases, wounds, injuries and pyrexia, adangals should not be applied.
  • If there are any fractures or broken bones,heartpatients, pregnant women and those who undergone major surgery, varicose veins and rheumatic arthritis this varma adangals do not apply.

  • log Then the special thadaval mural is called as sarvaanga thadaual mural which consisted of 10 steps.
  • There are also some other thadauu systems like sadavu thadavu mural, massage for unconsciousness, narampilakku thadauu mural and thuritha uarma thadauu muratuo