Types of Sujok Therapy:

  • Seed Therapy.
  • Smile meditation.
  • Sujok Acupressure
  • Six Ki Therapy

Seed Therapy:

  • A seed has a life. This is well explained by the fact that when we sow a seed, it develops into a tree.
  • Keeping this in mind, when we put and rub a seed on the pressure points, it gives us the life and takes away the disease.

  • For instance, round, spherical shaped seeds of pea and black pepper are known to provide relief to ailments related to eyes, head, knee joints and back problems.
  • The kidney shaped red beans are used to treat kidney and stomach related disorders.
  • The seeds with sharp corners are applied by mechanical method and exerts pathological influence on the body.
    It is seen that after the treatment, the seeds also change their structure, shape and colour (they may become fragile, discoloured, enlarge or decrease in size, shrivel, crack or even fall to pieces).
  • Such reactions show how seeds take away the pain and disease.

Smile Meditation:

  • In sujok, a smile is referred as Buddha smile or a child’s smile. Smile meditation aims to strike a harmony with our mind, body and soul.

  • With this, one can improve health, self-confidence, develop and enrich one’s abilities, succeed both in education and work and become a vibrant person that helps to make a progressive society.
  • By spreading smile, positive vibes are released by an individual that helps him/her to maintain cordial relations with others.

Sujok Acupressure:

  • By using the pit of the human stomach as the center point and rotating the head 140 degrees, the parts of the hand will correspond to particular parts of the body.

  • The thumb identifies the head and the neck; the chubby part of the palm under the thumb is the chest and the palm as a whole refers to the abdominal region.

  • The middle and ring fingers are legs while the index and small fingers correspond to the arms.
  • From the structural point of view, it is the hand which has the closest resemblance to the whole human body.

The Two Dimensional Sujok:

Sujok works on two dimensions. It works on physical dimension and also metaphysical dimension.

Physical Dimension:

  •  Here, either fingers or any pointed objects are used for identifying the corresponding point of the body and then the point is massaged till relief is achieved.
  • Here, you can use fingers, pointed or rounded objects, magnetic stars, seed, metallic rings etc.
  • This physical dimension of Sujok is more of acupressure than acupuncture. It can be practiced by virtually anyone as it requires no major skill or any instrument.

Meta-Physical Dimension: 

  • This system requires the use of Byol meridians and applies the experience and theories of classical acupuncture correlating them with the new theories of Sujok, like Six Ki constituition, emotional constitution and their treatment formula for treating the Byol Meridians and Byol points.
  • Such a system requires professional or expertise hands.

Six Ki Therapy:

  • There are 6 different energies flowing constantly inside our body.
  • Our body is a complex machine and needs these energies in proper balance.
  • These six energies are Wind, Heat, Hotness, Humidity, Dryness and Coldness.
  • Whenever there is imbalance between these energies, our body shows certain symptoms which we call as diseases.

  • In Sujok Therapy ,we can balance these energies with different ways . These six ki points are located on different vital organ meridians on fingers and toes .
  • These points represent different pathological conditions of diseases and by balancing these energies with help of magnets, seeds, colours, needles we can treat diseases effectively.
  • In pain related problems we can see results instantly as patient is in front of us . In diseases like diabetes, thyroid and others , we can cross check with clinical checkup …before and after treatment.
  • In ADVANCE SIX KI there there is renting system where we open different doors of illnesses related pathways and go to the exact targeted area. For example in case of Myopia
  • Nervous system is controlled by brain meridian so on brain meridian ,we rent senses point which is wind point of brain meridian.
  • Then liver meridian opens as senses . Again we rent hotness point on liver meridian as vision point.
  • So brain meridian opens as vision . Myopia is wind deficiency condition so we tone wind with magnets .
  • In simple six ki liver controls activity of eyes so simply on liver meridian we can tone wind energy , heat energy for improving eyesight .
  • We can treat many illnesses with help of six ki but one should know exact pathological condition of particular disease .