Acupuncture believes energies(known as qi or chi) flowing around the body. The energy imbalance in the body is responsible for the disease. It uses needle or any sharp edge material or finger tip to correct the imbalances to cure the root cause of the disease. 
The word acupuncture derived from the Latin words Accus and Punctura. Accus means sharp point and Punctura means penetration. Some may say Acuitus + Punctura. Acuitus means sharp thought. In China acupuncture is called Zhen Ziu. Zhen mean stimulate. Ziu mean exactly and accurately. So according to Chinese, the acupuncture means stimulate exactly or accurately. So the acupuncture can include the touching and poking also.
5000 years ago, the first Chinese emperor Fu-Hsi created Yin-Yang(creation and reception) symbols to represent nature. He found that when Yin and Yang fuse, creative action occurs. It is the third aspect and the 3 aspects combine to form Trigrams.  During the period BCE 2697-2596, the Yellow Emperor Huang di and his head doctor Qi-Bo had contributed much to the development of Acupuncture.
During BCE 1000, the Shang dynasty or Yin dynasty used the bian stone(needle refined from the stone),tortoise shells and bones for Acupuncture. Many bian stones are found in the ruins of china which is dated back to new stone age. 

The Acupuncture Used For:

Acupuncture can help to relieve pains. Acupuncture is effective in Back pain, sciatica, Dental pain, Headaches, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid, Osteoarthritis and other pains. It also useful in trauma and injury. It also helpful in patients undergoing recovery from addiction and substance abuse. It also assist in treatment of emotional pain syndromes. It also give success in achieving pregnancy when used with in vitro fertilization(IVF). It is used as complementary to other therapies.
Nowadays by combining acupuncture with  Antoine Béchamp’s terrain theory, efforts are taken to cure all the diseases permanently through acupuncture only.
The acupuncture can treat variety of conditions from emotional disorders, neurological problems to digestive complaints. It is effective in respiratory disorders also. By following the terrain theory, the cure may be permanent.
Acupuncture can be used for rehabilitation from stroke.

When should the Accupunture shouldn’t be used:

 Infants and very young children
✔  Very weak or very elderly patients
✔  Patients suffering with certain bleeding disorders
✔  Patients with compromised immunity
✔  Patients with significantly low blood pressure
✔  Patients who are very nervous about the needles
✔  Pregnancy: Certain accupuncture points are forbidden during pregnancy. Pregnant women must seek advice with their doctor before undergoing an acupuncture treatment.

Side Effects of Accupunture:

  1. Side effects are rare. Patients may occasionally experience slight bruising at the point of needle insertion.Treatment by acupuncture.
  2. The doctor uses needles for treatment of the patient.


  1. A feeling of slight nausea, faintness and chilliness. Needle shock happens rarely. It can happen in a situation in which the patient is very nervous about the needles, is extremely exhausted or fatigued, or is experiencing significant low blood sugar from prolonged fasting before the acupuncture treatment.
  2. Needle shock can induce anxiety to the patient but is not considered harmful.