Diagnosis of Sujok:

  • In all these patients using the ambulatory technique. The tender point is located in the area of the hand for the organ, with the thicker end of the rod for the diagnosis and pressed for one minute with the fine tip of the rod as therapeutics.
  • After checking that occurred relief of symptoms affecting the patient, put a
    little tape on the area with a holy thistle seed or used in ear acupuncture point is marked with a pen and press it follows every three hours with a blunt object not sharp, like the handle of a brush, a lace crochet knitting or a key that Blunt has cited the patient two days later to check on your progress.

  • If stimulating the point the patient begins to sweat profusely, is a sure sign that we find the right spot.
  • This is not pathognomonic because it is possible that the patient does not sweat and yet, we are in the analog section, but the fact that sweating is an indication that we did it. This simple technique, diagnostic and therapeutic, can be used as monotherapy or in combination with other techniques of traditional medicine as ear acupuncture, acupuncture, magnet therapy, pyramid power, etc.


This rod was fabricated in the workshop Jesus Menendez in the city of Camagüey,under the theoretical orientation of D.€Ulises Salinas Sosa and made by the TecLuis Fernando del Pino Miranda.

According to the hand that is, analogously, is the upper or lower right or left. For example: right hand = Index: right upper limb; half: the right leg; override: left lower limb, pinky: left upper limb. Theabdominal organs to represent the length and width of the palmar region as shownin the following sheet: