Science of yoga:

  • The Yoga makes the body stretched and stimulates the circulation of the blood and lymph systems and flushing out the impurities.
  • Yoga has modern day science as well as ancient science.
  • By comparing the modern and ancient day science will be interesting right.
  • Chakras are energy within our bodies.
  • There are 114 chakras from that 7 chakras are considered main in our body.
  • Remaining chakras are connected to main chakras called as ‘nadis’ mean River.

Does Chakra (energy) exists?

  • yes offcourse,According to Quantum Physics,everything in universe is energy.
  • We are empty spaces,empty spaces combined with Quantum waves vibrates and then forms the visual as solid(so we are energies).
  • An atom consist of 99.9% space,this is unsubstancial.
  • Movement of energy is important to life.
  • Movement of energy is through Magnetic and electrical energy.

Comparing with the modern day science:
The energy is transmitted through nerve cells in our body.
There are two types of nervous system,they are central nervous system and pheripheral nervous system.
The Brain and the spinal cord is the central nervous system (CNS) ( ie. 7 Main chakras)
Then the Others are the pheripheral nervous systems (PNS) (ie chakras other than the 7).
Pheripheral nervous system are usually nerve bundle pack which is connected to the central nervous system.
The Nerve Bundle Pack is also called as the River! or Nadis!.
The PNS transmits the energy through the nerve bundle pack and are connected to glands which stimulates the secretion of  hormones into the blood stream,then maintains the balance of energy inside the body.