Science of Sujok Therapy:

  1. Sujok therapy is simple and because it uses acupressure in hands and foots
  2. Accpressure is from the TCM which is observed,simplified which resulted in sujok Therapy.
  3. It is performed with pen like needles.
  4. Every fingers in the hand and feet is connected with parts of the body.
  5. The Thumb finger is connected with the head,the forefinger and the liitte finger is connected with the arms and 3rd and 4th finger is connected with legs.
  6. Both hands are yin and feet are yang.
  7. Using accupressure effectively,illness,stress,anxiety,insomnia can be cured.
  8. Concept is to balance the energies inside by secretion of hormones in blood streams and lymph fluids thus offers harmony for clients.
  9. So Sujok is the simplest and unhazardest,there is no dangerous point in hand and feet every points are safe.So it ensuressafety.