Science of Accupunture:

  1. Accupunture is a method based on presssure points with the usage of needles,TCM practioners activates the meridian.
  2. There are 12 Main Meridians in our body.
  3. Main Meridians are connected through many nerve bundle pack.
  4. The Nerve Bundle pack is associated with the Glands Which stimulates the secretion of hormones in blood stream.Thus enchances the health.
  5. Each Meridians are for specific purpose.
  6. The Main Purpose of the Accupuncture is to maintain the balance of the energy present inside the body also called as Qi.
  7. Qi has two life force,Yin and Yang life forces.
  8. Yin life force is used for fight and flight purposes.
  9. While Yang life force is used for relaxation and digestion purposes.
  10. Yang is mostly used to lead a healthy life.
  11. Most of the meridians is Yang.Which help us relax and calm.Removes stress and anxiety.
  12. But both should be balanced ,that is nature.
  13. Example:The Tiger hides in the bush,then attacks the dear when it came near.
  14. Tiger Hides – Yang life force.
  15. Attacks the dear when it came near – Yin life force.
  16. Nature has positive and negative,good and bad,peace and war,yin and yang,holy and evil Every thing should be balanced that is nature.
  17. When Yin and Yang is balanced Then it is life.
  18. Practioners uses finger or needles the results and methodologies are the same as observed from severalĀ  Therapies, treatments, exercises, meditation,healing techniuque etc.