Types of Cupping:

  • Dry Cupping.
  • Wet Cupping.
  • Massage Cupping.
  • Needle Cupping.
  • Silicone Cupping.

Dry Cupping:

  • The Cups are placed over the skin to create a vaccum tension and moves the skin upwards which lead to reduce the muscles tension and increases the energy flow in the body.


Wet Cupping (Hijama):

  • Wet Cupping is also called as Hijama
  • After Dry cupping,The Therapist slit the cupped area as it bleeds.
  • Once again cups are applied to body,blood will be drawn out of the body in the vaccum


Massage Cupping:

  • Massage Cupping involves moving of cup over the body,similar to¬† hands in massage.
  • Combination of Massage and Cupping.
  • This effectively releases myofascial tension.

Needle Cupping:

In Addition with the cups,needles are used .
The needles are inserted first in the flesh followed by closing it by the cup afterwards.
Needles Cupping relieves pain.

Fire Cupping:

In Fire Cupping,a cotton ball is soaked in alcohol and set alight and placed in needle inside the cup.
The oxygen inside the cup is absorbed,Thus forming Vaccum inside the cup.

Silicone Cupping:

This methods uses the flexible silicone cups.
The Silicone Cupping reduce the bruising which always accompanies with the cupping.