Methods of Treatment of Accupuncture:

In addition to the traditional acupuncture needle therapy, the following is a list and short description of additional methods that may be used during the acupuncture treatment:


  • This technique is used for a variety of ailments, particularly pain relief.  A mild electrical current is set to stimulate certain acupuncture points in order to release muscle tension.
  •   The client may or may not experience slight tingling during this treatment.

Ear Acupuncture:

  • The ear has about 300 points that correspond to every part of our bodies.  Some practitioners do strictly ear acupuncture to treat all health problems.
  • It is common to use ear acupuncture for any addictions – food, nicotine and alcohol.
  • Battlefield Acupuncture is a specific type of ear needling technique developed by Dr. Richard Niemtzow in 2001 that blocks pain sensors from the brain to afford patients rapid pain relief.
  • He treated a lot of soldiers to aid in alleviating their pain without the use of narcotics. Some clients request to only receive this type of treatment. It takes about 5-10 minutes and is offered at a reduced rate for established clients.
Closeup of hand performing acupuncture therapy on auricle at salon

Magnets and Acupuncture:

  • This is where small magnets are placed over acupuncture points or are kept in place on the acupuncture point by using elastic bands.
  • These can even be purchased in some pharmacies and are very useful for some patients in the treatment of morning sickness or motion sickness.

Auricular Acupuncture:

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that there are acupuncture points representing all areas of the body, in the ear.  These may be stimulated using very fine, minute steel needles.
  •   Tiny press needles or seeds on an adhesive plaster may also be used and in fact, may be left in the ear for up to one week at a time.
  • This method is particularly useful for treating addictions such as smoking or alcohol.  It is also used in conjunction with body acupuncture for the treatment of infertility very successfully.


Heat Treatments and Acupuncture:

  • Heat Lamps are often placed over acupuncture needles.  This heats the needle and the heat travels down the needle into the acupuncture point and then has a strong therapeutic effect.
  • Most patients find this a very enjoyable treatment and get great benefit from it.
  • It is especially useful for painful conditions, sports injuries, cold or damp conditions from a Chinese Medicine perspective and a lot of women’s gynaecological problems.
Patient receiving acupuncture treatment to his back